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Welcome to the international conference 'The Future of X-Ray and Electron Spectroscopies' scheduled 15th-17th of June 2016 at Uppsala University, Sweden. This conference will promote future X-ray based spectroscopy techniques and related research on electronic properties of materials. Specific sessions on photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) and resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) including electronic structure and dynamic studies on molecules, liquids and correlated materials will be addressed.


Understanding the relation between atomic structure and dynamics of electrons is of central importance for materials and their applications. X-ray spectroscopy is the method of choice to investigate such link, and provides information on light-matter interaction at the atomic (Ångström) and time (atto/femtosecond) scales. The development of novel X-ray sources and experimental methodologies have contributed to great discoveries and a better comprehension of complex materials. It includes the development of synchrotron radiation facilities and one example is the new state-of-the-art synchrotron radiation MAX IV in Lund with the inauguration in June 2016.


It is the purpose of the conference to identify promising directions and formulate goals for the future of X-ray based spectroscopy connecting methodology development, fundamental research on light-matter interaction and more applied directions in e.g. functional materials. Furthermore, four prominent pioneers in Swedish X-ray science, including Professors Nils Mårtensson, Joseph Nordgren, Hans Siegbahn, and Svante Svensson, will be honored for their outstanding contribution in the development and implementation of X-ray spectroscopy techniques.


International scientists will present their research, and it is intended to bring together experts and newcomers in the field.

We are looking forward to welcome you for vibrant days of new developments in the X-ray field and fruitful discussions!

The conference is organized by the Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics Division at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, through 

O. Karis                        H. Rensmo

J.-E. Rubensson           Y. Sassa 

 We thank Vetenskapsrådet for financial support.

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