Side events

Walkshop in Brussels Monday 11 February
Participants at the policy conference are welcome to join a walkshop in central Brussels on Monday 11, starting at 13.00 and ending at 16.00. The walkshop will guide the group to three local initiatives that operate on a daily basis as an answer to any of the urban dilemmas addressed at the conference. The three projects are:  

  • Boulevard Anspach. What used to be a street with heavy traffic has been transformed into a car-free pedestrian area in the centre of Brussels. The tour will reflect the initiative - what still needs to be done and what it has changed in the city.
  • Toestand – temporary use for mixing communities. Working with private owners, municipalities and the metropolitan region of Brussels, Toestand has opened for temporary uses a variety of buildings and public spaces in different parts of the city.
  • Tour reflecting on the productive city (TBD) 

The walkshop is open to a group of max 30 people, so make sure to register soon.
A detailed program for the walkshop will be published late December.
Contact: Ana Jakopin, ARRS,

UERA meeting in Antwerp Monday 11 February
The next UERA General Assembly Meeting will be hosted by the University of Antwerp, located at City Campus. The theme is "Smart and energy-efficient cities: the integrated perspecitive". This event will also see the launch of a new subgroup working on this theme under Thematic Working Group 2 "Urban Environmental Sustainability and Resilience".
A separate invitation will be sent out shortly to UERA members and candidate-members.
Contact: Anne Ruas, IFSTTAR,

Monday 11 February - Urban Agenda for the EU Coordinators Meeting
On Monday 11 February there will be a meeting for the coordinators of the Urban Agenda for the EU partnerships taking place at the venue of the European Committee of the Regions between 09.30-18.00. Invitation only; Invitation and programme has been sent out.  


Making Cities Work kick-off Wednesday 13 February
JPI Urban Europe invites all pojects funded in the Making Cities Work call to a projects kick-off meeting in Brussels on 13 February, starting with a joint dinner on the evening 12 February. The meeting provides an opportunity for the project partners to meet and to share knowledge, present projects and engage in strategic discussions for future cooperation. Project partners are very welcome to take part in the policy conference.
A separate invitation will be sent out soon.
Contact: Mari Solerød, NRC,,
Klara Broms Seving, IQS,

Wednesday 13 February - PEN Programme stakeholder meeting
The meeting will be hosted by the PEN programme management and serves update and discussion of operational approaches and next steps among stakeholders involved in the process. 
Content issues of the breakout session at the JPI Urban Europe Policy Conference will be discussed in a strategic view. 
Invitation only; invitation and programme will be sent out soon.
Contact:  Christoph Gollner, FFG,

Thursday 14 February - Urban MAESTRO Kick-Off meeting
The launching event of Urban MAESTRO will provide a first overview of consortium partners’ activity in the field of urban design governance and seek to identify counterparts who may be willing to join the project support and advisory group co-chaired by JPI Urban Europe and UN-Habitat.  The project is implemented by UN-Habitat, University College of London and Brussels Bouwmeester Maitre Architecte Office and examines urban design governance in European cities. Urban MAESTRO will look at the ways European cities are being designed and financed, with a deliberate focus on those approaches where public authorities act in a semi-formal or informal capacity as enablers or brokers rather than through regulatory or direct investment powers. 
The meeting is open to all interested parties but requires prior registration via email to