Information regarding poster presentations

  • The poster should be prepared as a one page  poster with title, authors names and affiliations etc.
  • Orientation: Portrait or Landscape 
  • It should be submitted to as a pdf-file and saved with the number given in the poster session document below.
  • The deadline for submission is the 4th of April.
  • The poster sessions will take place on the digital platform of the conference where the posters can be viewed and the presenters will, during the poster session, be present in a break-out room for each poster. Conference participants can then freely enter the breakout rooms to discuss with the respective presenter.
Program Poster Sessions

Information regarding oral presentations

The online format of the conference will for the oral presentations be structured as follows:

  • The presenters of the session will be present in a zoom meeting together with the chair person and technical staff. This zoom “meeting” will be streamed on the conference platform where the other conference participants are present.
  • The conference participants will be able to ask questions in a chat box on the platform. The questions to be asked can then be picked up/selected by the chair person.
  • It will be necessary with a brief technical test between you and the conference organizers before the conference starts. The exact time for the technical test will be sent to you shortly.

Program - Food Colloids 2022